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MMU Multimedia University


IIUM International Islamic University Malaysia


Updated 16 Sept 2012
Vector Logo, symbol, crest, emblem available under this category are from Universities, Institutes & Colleges and their Societies as well including vector logos or symbols that related to Educationsin Malaysia.Most of the files are in adobe illustrator format (.ai) v10 but if you don’t have the ‘player’ get the free Adobe Reader, download and install. Please refer how to open the logo.You’re welcome to contribute some vector logos in your collections (if not found here) that you might have with us/others. We trying our best to keep good stuffs for free so support us by links to vectorise.

Universiti Teknologi Mara

Academy, College, University



Dear Contributors – I recommends u to join us to directly upload files & share vector logos here.. no longer need to email every logo and waiting me to received the files.. Anyway, keep up your supports & tq..

Universities / Colleges’ admins / students who found logos provided here are incorrect, outdated, misspelling, please inform and kindly email the correct official logo. Please provide the logo in vector format, either .ai, pdf or eps.

More vector logos will be added from time to time… keep visit this website for new updates.. or you might simply subscribe to our rss. Help spread free logos by links back to vectorise logo.

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  1. IT dptment KMKulim says:

    terima kasih kerana menyediakan logo untuk kolej mara kulim (KMKulim)…

    tapi terdapat kesilapan ejaan yg serius di logo berkenaan.. ejaan BERILMU silap, bukannya BERLIMU.. mohon perbetulkn balik…


  2. palacca says:

    terima kasih diatas teguran… pihak kami akan memperbetulkannya… terima kasih…

  3. Helmi Firzan says:

    Salam tuan tanah.. mohon logo KUIN (kolej Universiti Insaniah)ada tak? terima kasih.

  4. Salam,
    Ada kesilapan warna pada Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang, yang kelabu pada logo sebenarnya berwarna kuning.

    Sumber: http://www.kmkn.edu.my/

    • palacca says:

      fazrul hisyam (FH:Logo Founder)… terima kasih diatas keprihatinan anda… tindakan susulan akan diambil bg memperbetulkan masalah yg diutarakan.. InsyaALLAH…

  5. kitang5567 says:

    logo lincoln university college ada ke? klu ada blh sent ke kami tak.

  6. Salman says:

    Logo UiTM yang baru ada tak dlm bentuk Ai.. tq admin

  7. Js says:

    Mintak tolong upload….. Kolej Tunku abdul rahman

  8. xxmxx says:

    salam, sy cadangkan awak buat semua lah institusi dalam malayisa cth politeknik ibrahim sultan. ad byk lagi ipt2. sila take note tq

    • admin says:

      terima kasih atas cadangan..
      Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan dah ada → PIS..
      logo² lain yg takde dlm list di atas, boleh cuba try test guna Search Box di atas..
      yg lain² insyllh kalo kami ada masa laa, kami pon bnyk komitmen lain.. tp kalo ada yg nak sponsor dana boleh aje, kami brenti kerja & fokus trace semua logo yg ada 😛

  9. Designest says:


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