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How To Open The Vector Logo (for Non Designer)

For those who always asking ‘how to open the logo’‘the logo cannot be opened’, etc. I’ve explained many times on how to open the logo files in comments & email. Vector Logo downloaded from vectorise logo should be opened and used with Adobe Illustrator (and some vector graphic software supported) because it was saved as .ai (adobe illustrator format).

Why Adobe Illustrator..? Simply because it is the worldwide industry standard for (vector based) design, publication, printing, multimedia, etc. So for those who don’t have the software I recommends you to give it a try, download the 30days trial.

Anyway… this simple guide is for user who don’t have (and don’t know about) Adobe Illustrator. Follow this image guide on how to open the vector files using Adobe Reader.

Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed, if not, download it (free) and install.

click image to enlarge

Besides that, most of the logos provided in this site can be opened with Adobe Photoshop too.. just set the dpi needed. But you will not get the advantage of vector capabilities.. because photoshop is pixel based  format (raster image).


  1. Adobe – pronounce air door bee.
  2. Most files saved in Illustrator version 10.
  3. Vector files saved as .ai also can be opened with Adobe Photoshop, just set the resolution (dpi) to your needs.
  4. Vector logos provided here are saved in CMYK mode for process color (4 colors) printings. Change it to RGB mode for web or multimedia purposes.
  5. For some (old collection of) logos that cannot be open/view with Adobe Reader, still needs Illustrator to open.
  6. Last but not least, please support vectorise logo for free vector by linking back to us from your site / blog. Share the free logos with others.

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