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LB Works LB Performance

Logo Liberty Walk LB Performance

Liberty Walk ★ LB Works ★ LB Performance is a super car tuner from Japan established since 2005. Liberty Walk was first established as a used car dealer operated in a small vehicle lot where Liberty Walk could only exhibit 3 cars at that time. Today they expanded to a location where 20+ custom cars are available for display. The custom cars achieved popularity from many viewers and the shop name is highly recognised to represents Japan as one of the top automobile tuner industry.

Liberty Walk offers vehicle search and apply any custom modification requested by the customer. As of now, the company expanded its branch internationally and even exhibit international car show such as SEMA, the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world.

LB Works is known to be the most high-end-grade brand within the LB Performance body kit line. The LB Works philosophy was based similar to the 70’s NISSAN Works race team where they introduced lowered over fender sports car were common. LB Works concept was to combine the idea and apply it to modern Super Car.

LB Performance is an aftermarket body kit maker / brand produce by Liberty Walk. All parts are designed by LB Performance with focus on attractive automobile styling, they introduced aero kits aw well as other parts such as spoiler, exhaust system and air suspension upgrade.

Download Vector Logo of LB Works LB★Performance


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