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Logo Entertainment Industry, TV, Radio, Music, Movie, News

Updated 24 August 2012

Vector Logos under Entertainment Industry including TV & Radio logos, Popular TV Series, Musics and Movies.. We’ll keep this site update with a lot more logos and you’re also welcome to contribute your own collections. Kindly email your collection of logos in .ai format (illustrator). Share this site with others by links back to vectorise logo. For other names please refer to Company, Brands, Products.


Entertainment, TV & Radio Channel






Movies, TV Series





News Paper, Bulletin


Credits & Thanks to:

  1. se7en (darkcyans) for the kosmo! ..
  2. shahril (grafikalradikall) for tv1 & tv2..
  3. alpha.oomega for the zildjian..
  4. mohd faiz (fz_kenari) for the cartoon ntwk, discovery chnl, disney, espn, hbo..
  5. fqemo for the Zouk, Muzik fm..
  6. Ataei for the Dragonball Super Saiya..
  7. Muck Cracker for the LiteFM & Suria FM, TheSun, China Press, B.Harian..
  8. eyoei – for the Nanyang Siang Pau..
  9. Badang Perkasa for the 988 fm, Capital fm, Red fm, Suria fm (new logo)..


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More logos to come… keep visit this website for new updates… or you might simply subscribe to or bookmark with del.icio.us. For more vector logos by category… look at the left sidebar menu.For some of u who knows nothing bout these logo’s format please refer to how to open the logo article.


  1. carsturi™ says:

    banyak btul broken link..
    mintak tlong sikit, sblom sy
    mula akan ckp "hampeh btul la"

  2. lunabyss says:

    A lot of broken link with Error 404. Need TV2 logo ASAP.. Thanks.

  3. vectorism says:

    casturi – ko nak ckp aper pon ckp laa.. i got NOTHING from u bro / sis.. but u got FREE logo here, free.. ok..

    lunabyss – yes still ada bnyk lg broken links since saya pindahkan semua logo2 ke HOSTING baru.. so, utk download logo sedia ada.. sila laa baca FAQ – Cannot Download..!!.. ok.. tq. ; )

  4. lunabyss says:

    Thank you so much!!


    logo magazine ader tak..

  6. asrie says:

    cool bro…aku ade stengah logo badan2 swasta dan gov nak uplot….camne?

  7. admin says:

    Hushim Moyivation – (sorry for late reply) logo magazine apa.. boleh bgtau lebih specific?

    Asrie – kesudian anda nak share amat lah di alu-alukan 😉 kalo nak senang sila join as author.. thanks bro

  8. wiza says:

    nk logo paper cine..nan yang siang pau….plsssss

  9. wiza says:

    urgent sangat

  10. wiza says:


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