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Logo Banks & Finance

Logo Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad - BIMB
American Express logo

Malaysian Stock Exchange

Updated, 6 Jan 2013
Vector Logo, under Banks & Finance categories including all logos related to Financial, Investment and all about the money. Kindly notice the old version of logo with mentioned (old logo) while the new with labeled ‘New Logo’, or no label. Bank’s logo provided here are as what we received by contributors, kindly check the logo before you use it. What we received and shared here are as good as it should be, unless the logo(s) were changed or upgraded by the company who owned the logo(s). The color used in the logo, if the color codes not provided, considered the nearest possible color to the original logos.

Below are the lists of bank logo & finance related logo from Malaysia and some international bank’s vector logo. If you have or found the new version of the vector logo design of any banks listed here, please share with us here via Share Logo. Kindly make sure the vector logos are as perfect as possible, the file in Adobe Illustrator or PDF or EPS with created outlines for the fonts. Vector logo with CMYK color code supplied are better.


Bank & Finance



Insurance logo list has been moved → Insurance Logo


Credits & thanks to..
  • se7en a.k.a darkcyans & Dewajiwa for the etiQa,
  • faizal jamaluddin a.k.a. death_gambler05 for the Tekun..
  • jamaludin rajalu a.k.a atinjamal for the IBBM..
  • Sarip Doul for tekun..
  • bluefrog for the FPX..
  • Firdaus Hasan a.k.a TheKrew for the Tabung Haji new logo..
  • Mohd Firdauss for the Public Mutual
  • KuRtAzuanDy for the Ar-Rahn logo..
  • fqemo for the PTPTN logo..
  • alienbiru for the AKPK logo..
  • sahaini for Maybank new logo..


Dear Contributors – if u al guys have any site / blog wanna listed here kindly emel or mention in comment box.. tq all…

More vector logos to come… keep visit this website for new updates… or you might simply subscribe to . For some of u who knows nothing bout these logo’s format and don’t have the ‘player to play around’ please refer to how to open the logo. Do tell me if you found some broken links.

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  1. cendana says:

    hai bro requast mobile money logo

  2. Norf Media says:

    sedang mencari logo multi purpose insurance..
    harap siapa yg ada boleh share..tq…

  3. vectorism says:

    mobile money & multi purpose insurans added..
    yg lain tak dpt sory..

  4. Norf Media says:

    owh,,,kewl…thanks a alot for your fast response…
    really appreciate it mr vectorism…thank you…

  5. Musya says:

    bro, just wanna let u know dat the PNB logo is wrong. TQ

  6. vectorism says:

    thanks for notice that.. but how was the correct 1 sis.. mind to share the vector logo..?

  7. leewenjian says:

    hi bro, i'm wen jian here, come to look for logo again 😛 the aia logo link is broken is't? got other link? thanks ya 😉

  8. kenji says:

    vectorism…link yg bank negara malaysia tu broke kot..ak bukak xleh..

  9. vectorism says:

    sila tukar http://alhijjrah.netjadi http://vectorise.net
    so jadi camni >
    (utk semua broken links) sila baca FAQ – Cannot Download..!! bottom page ok..

  10. fqemo says:

    aku nak submit logo.. dah bace care2 die, tapi still tak paham n still jugak nak tanye..

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