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Logo Military, Police, Uniform Body

Logo Kor Armour Diraja

Updated 1 May 2012 Vector logo from military forces, army, airborne, navy, special forces including police logo and all uniform bodies category. The list from Malaysian Armed Forces, Royal Malaysian Air Force & Royal Malaysian Navy. US Army, Swiss Army, NATO, etc. Logo, crest, emblem, badge design available and related to all uniformed bodies.








Logo Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia


If you have some more not listed here lets share the logos by join us (or read this tut) on how to post your own collections of vector logo. Kindly check the how to share & upload logo under FAQ at the left sidebar. For the rest of government logo, if you cannot find it here, please look at Logo Government Bodies & Dept.

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  1. 3gp chems says:

    #tiada disini.Logo polis malaya 1959-1963 (royal federation of malaya police)

  2. REXTOSIA says:

    camner sy nak anta logo yek ke sini…. email sy rextosdin@gmail.com

  3. vectorism says:

    anta logo kat sini sila baca FAQ (bwh skali)..
    How to Upload Logo / How to Submit Logo.. tq

  4. J A V A R E K A . A d says:

    miss sue if u can share to upload here or mr vectorism pls help!! , really need the integriti polis nye logo,
    juling biji mata ni ha trace. still x mnjadi. d pixel is too low.

    many thanks

  5. asri81 says:

    Logo PDRM- Integriti Amalan Kita

  6. cougar says:

    sedang try buat integritinyer logo … tunggu

  7. eewan says:

    ada x logo Bahagian Audit Dalam Dan Siasatan Am (BADSA)
    tolong email kan kat saya

  8. FAUZIAH says:

    MCMANE SAYA NAK DAPATKAN LOGO RMAF BLACKHAWK RUGBY CLUB…(airforce punye team)..kat sini takda lah…boleh tolong saya..

  9. Rusli says:

    Minta tolong ada tak logo Institut Latihan Dan Kefahaman Islam Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ILMI) ?

  10. jgb9101 says:

    megapa tiada logo yang dapat di kereta peronda evo 10

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