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Logo of Political Parties Malaysia

Parti Islam SeMalaysia - PAS

Updated 11 March 2013

Vector Logo, symbol, crests, emblem here are under Politics, Political Party logo and everythin’ bout it. As usual we’ll keep this site update with a lot more vector logos and you’re also welcome to contribute your own collections. Kindly email your collection of vector logos in .ai format (illustrator). For government ministry and dept. logo refer to Logo of Government Bodies.

Credit & Thanks
1. Palacca – Pakatan Rakyat, Pakatan Harapan Rakyat..
2. bakemonster – Persatuan Kelab UMNO Luar Negara..
3. zairi iskandar – PAS Bendera & PAS Org Muda Geng Kite..
4. fqemo – Parti Cinta Malaysia..
5. admin – for the rest of the logos..


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  1. paja says:

    MIC & Pemuda PAS Selangor Broken Link.Please fix.tqvm bos

  2. vectorism says:

    all broken links here fixed.. tq

  3. AiYa says:

    logo baru pakatan rakyat ada x?

  4. KaRL says:

    Bendera PAS yg lama (merah putih) ada x?

  5. zoulsham says:

    Saya ada… nanti saya upload

  6. zoulsham says:

    Tulisan jawi pada logo PAS tak boleh baca kalau enlarge. Saya ada buat yang baru.

  7. Khairim says:

    logo juara rakyat ade x?

  8. palacca says:

    puteri islam >>> political parties???

  9. palacca says:

    >>> AINA …. logo pakatan rakyat yg kaler oren ker?

  10. palacca says:

    >>> AIYA (bkn AINA) …. logo pakatan rakyat yg kaler oren ker?

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