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All logos, vector logos, graphics and artworks provided and downloaded from this site are registered trademark, copyrighted and belong to their respective owners. Users may freely use and must responsible for their own use of the logos, graphics and artworks. Users CANNOT claim all logos, graphics and artworks downloaded from this site are belong to them.

All free logos and artworks provided here are NOT for sale (either compiled in CD / DVD/ zip or Pay to Download). Cannot to be given as free gift package of selling other products or services. Unless permission given by the admin. Please respect our hardworking artists, designers, authors and all contributors who help make this site available as free vector logo download.

Contents in vectorise logo CANNOT be republished in any websites and/or blogs in anyway without permission from the admin. Except links direct to vectorise logo. Please link back to vectorise logo from your website(s) / blog(s) to spreads and enjoy the free stuff with others… thats the good way to say thanks.


Vectorise Logo is licensed under:
Creative Commons License



Any artwork(s) submitted and published here by authors and contributors considered free to be shared unless stated otherwise. We are NOT responsible of any artworks posted, submitted (by authors & contributors) and published here claimed to be the copyright of someone, a company, etc. If someone or a company has claimed of any artwork(s) that the copyright are belong to them, kindly inform us by contact link above. We do respect private copyright and will delete the said file(s) from our list if any. We’re unable to checked every file posted and published in this site.

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