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Malaysia Airlines MH370

Updated 17 August 2018

Airline, a company that provides air transport services for traveling passengers and freight or cargo transportation. Airlines lease or own their aircraft with which to supply these services and may form partnerships or alliances with other airlines for mutual benefit. Generally, airline companies are recognized with an air operating certificate or license issued by a governmental aviation body. Airlines are vary from those with a single aircraft carrying mail or cargo, through full-service international airlines operating hundreds of aircraft. Airline services can be categorised as being intercontinental, intra-continental, domestic, regional, or international, and may be operated as scheduled services or charters.

Listed below are logos under Airlines, Hotels & Travels category for free vector logos including holidays related logo, cruise, famous shopping mall, resort and any related. Kindly check for new update for a specific logo if the company, the hotel, or shopping mall’s logo was changed to the new version. Update us for the new changes, if you have the new vector logo under these categories, please share with us via Share Logo page.

The image used above – tribute to Malaysia Airlines #MH370 and #MH17, in remembrance.




If these Hotels & Resorts and related logo categories going to be longer, we will separate it to its own page later.

Hotels, Resorts, Cafés


Holidays Destination / Shopping, Events Logo




Thanks & Credits to :

  1. se7en a.k.a darkcyans for the Kapas, Island, Permai Inn & Primula Beach Resort..
  2. Irwan Mohd Nor from MenaraKl for the ‘real’ Menara KL logo & Tamingsari ‘vector’ logo..
  3. Mohd Hazwan Abasah a.k.a. hazone for the hardrock cafe..
  4. alpha.oomega for Palace of the Golden Horses
  5. syamsul faizal for the Mutiara Taman Negara..
  6. Azad Azahar for the Year End Sale..
  7. Adlan Khalidi for the MASwimgs & more to come later..
  8. Mart for the Estonian Air..
  9. Firdauss a.k.a Bodenk for the Hotel Seri M’sia & Heritage Hotels (old)
  10. KuRtAzuanDy for the Genting City of Entertainment & Resorts World..
  11. bakemonster for the Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia..
  12. Pallaca for the TAJ Hotels Resorts..
  13. bakemonster for the Hotel UiTM logo..


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  1. Contramen says:

    boleh rikues vector logo plaza alam sentral??

  2. Contramen says:

    btol2 susah nak dapat..
    btol2 memerlukan..
    plaza alam sentral shah alam..

  3. vectorism says:

    contramen.. sila sediakan image file yg clear (email me).. saya tgk dulu boleh 'layan' ker tak insyllh ok..

  4. Contramen says:

    saya dah send kt email..

  5. vectorism says:

    saya pon dah sent.. cheers..

  6. Contramen says:

    jasamu dikenang..
    kita boleh berurusan lagi..
    itu janji saya..

  7. Han's Que Studio™ creative solutions says:

    Logo Tourism Kedah ada tak?

  8. farismustaqim says:

    BROKEN LINK: Shangri-La Hotels & Resort

  9. vectorism says:

    Han's Que – takde laa bro..
    farismustaqim – brokenlink fixed.. thanks for notice that

  10. hakim says:

    nak request logo makro.
    thank you.

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