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Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri N Sembilan (PKNNS)

Update 4 June 2011

The Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri, Negeri SembilanPKNNS or the Negri Sembilan State Development Corporation, is an agency established for the development of Bumiputera entrepreneurs in Negeri Sembilan where entrepreneurs consists of agriculture, manufacturing, services and skills. PKNNS coincide with the motto “Spearheading Change, Powering Progress” the corporation plans to create 5,000 entrepreneurs in 5 years from now. Any natives who would like to take this opportunity kindly contact us for more information.

Established on March 22, 1969, PKNNS being in order to develop cities and new industrial areas especially for indigenous trade coincided with efforts to create more entrepreneurs. PKNNS also in the framework to revive projects that have been abandoned or stranded as agricultural land Rembang Panas and PKNNS Complex in Seremban 2. New land development and housing projects will continue to help people in Negeri Sembilan to own homes in accordance with the principles of the government’s “People First, Performance Now”.

As the objectives and functions in terms of organisation it is a statutory body of the state that has its own powers and accountable to the state legislature. While in terms of institutions, it is a public enterprise in place under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance (formerly the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development). The Corporation was established to promote the development of the State. It is also a trustee agencies to implement government policies, especially under the New Economic Policy and the National Development Policy and 2nd Outline Perspective Plan.


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  • azwapereka for PKNS & PKNS Holdings..
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