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About DiGi

DiGi.Com Berhad is listed on Bursa Malaysia and is part of the Telenor Group, a global telecommunications provider. DiGi provides mobile voice, Internet and digital services to 11 million customers in Malaysia. Through its mission of ‘Internet for All’, DiGi is committed to driving Malaysia’s growth by building a mobile Internet environment that enables true connectivity, creating socio-economic development and aiding businesses to prosper. DiGi continues to be a game-changer in the Malaysian telecommunications industry with a solid history of innovative products and services while being a leader in progressive and responsible business practices.

Connecting More People to the Internet
Malaysia is progressively going mobile and we aim to put the Internet in the hands of all Malaysians – empowering them to change the way they work, learn, play and live. To achieve this, we plan to offer the right combination of devices, digital services and applications, affordable pricing and ensuring the best mobile Internet experience – our ‘Internet for All’ promise.

Making ‘Internet for All’ a Reality
We are connecting customers to new data applications and services every day – inspiring positive and meaningful adoption of mobile Internet through various empowerment initiatives.

Putting the Future in your Hands
The rising adoption of mobile Internet services is the biggest driving force for the Malaysian telecommunication industry – accelerated by the increase in smart device usage, stronger networks and faster connection speeds.

We aim to deliver the best experience to help our customers across Malaysia to harness the capabilities of mobile Internet anytime, anywhere and on any device.



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