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How to Submit Vector Logo

You can share vector logo or files by upload / submit to vectorism in 2 ways, either by :

  1. Direct Upload
    Register as Author to direct Upload Logo and link here..
    Simply Register as one of the author’s of Vectorise Logo and you’re ready to make post and upload vector logo links in here. This is the fastest way to share vector logos.
  2. Send to Admin
    Submit Logo to email
    Send your vector file(s) to admin’s email via Submit Form, the admin will check the vector logo, approve it and will be upload to blog post. This is a slow way to share the logo in here, but anyone can submit.

To share vector logos in here.. please make sure the files to be as accurate as possible to the original. So here are some criteria you should consider before submit / share the artworks:

  • The files should be in Adobe Illustrator format & saved to version 10 (preferred)*,
  • Make sure all fonts were create outline & all effects/filters (if any) were expand appearance**,
  • Make it in cmyk color mode (rgb for onscreen logo only) & try your best to get the original color code

* pls make sure to tick ‘create pdf compatible file‘ (in the option box when you click save).
** to ‘create outline‘ -> select all -> (menu) Type -> Create Outline, to expand appearance -> select all -> (menu) Object -> Expand Appearance.

These criteria will make the files easy to be opened and used. Otherwise, files with some problems or imperfect will be useless.

Thanks to all vectorise supporters especially all contributors & donaters for your good deeds. Thank you very much & keep up your supports. Lets serve the community.

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