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Logo University (continue)

This are the continuous list Vector Logo, for UniversitiesInstitutesColleges and their Societies as well including vector logos or symbols that related to Educations in Malaysia.

Most of the files are in adobe illustrator format (.ai) v10 but if you don’t have the ‘player’ get the free Adobe Reader, download and install. Please refer how to open the logo.

You’re welcome to contribute some vector logos in your collections (if not found here) that you might have with us/others. We trying our best to keep good stuffs for free so support us by links to vectorise.

Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)


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Credits & Thanks to:

  • Jamaludin a.k.a atin jamal for the New Universiti Malaya, the UNIMAP & the Wawasan OpenUniv..
  • Azlan Aziz for the IIUM & the AKEPT..
  • MaSteR_kaD a.k.a match_tin for the SegiUC..
  • se7en a.k.a darkcyans for the Kadet Remaja Sek & Politeknik Kota KTggnu…
  • terminalz for the Twintech (IUCTT)..
  • syamsul faizal for the MLVK..
  • Ijal E-Jal a.k.a ka1han2mis3 for the UKM Sekretariat Rukun Negara, EiMAS, MINT..
  • msebri for the 4 nos of Kolej MARA..
  • Paejah for Kolej Proffesional MARA..
  • Yus for the new USIM logo..
  • fqemo for ASWARA, Cosmopoint, Masterskill MUCH..
  • mohd faiz a.k.a fz_kenari for POLIMAS & IKIM..
  • lienax for the UiTM – Faculty of Education..
  • fahmi for the UiTM – Faculty of Art & Design logo..
  • Ataei for the Kolej Brickfields Asia..
  • Muck Craker for the UTAR logo..
  • kubigs for the Jab. Pengajian Politeknik & POLISAS..
  • Hamizuddin from iiu.edu.my/pro for the new IIUM logo & the Color Code..
  • talmizie for the UiTM – Faculty of Computer & Mathematical Sciences..
  • Palacca for the new Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (KPTM), Kolej Islam Sains & Teknologi (KIST), Kolej Komuniti new, Univ. Sains M’sia (USM) new..
  • bakemonster for the Hotel UiTM logo..

Dear Contributors – I recommends u to join us be an Author easy for you all to directly upload files & share vector logos here.. no longer need to email every logo and waiting me to received the files.. Anyway, keep up your supports & tq..

Universities / Colleges’ admins / students who found logos provided here are incorrect, outdated, misspelling, please inform and kindly email the correct official logo. Please provide the logo in vector format, either .ai, pdf or eps.

More vector logos will be added from time to time… keep visit this website for new updates.. or you might simply subscribe to our rss. Help spread free logos by links back to vectorise logo.

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  1. zamri ngah says:

    salam semua.. tolong sy dapatkan logo pasti dalam lama sy cr x tau tmpt.. terima kasih

  2. ijam says:

    hai vectorism
    boleh x update logo baru UTHM. logo yg sedia ada dh x digunakan lg .tq

  3. al hapiz says:

    Salam dan salam sejahtera.

    boleh tolong buatkan vector image untuk University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC)..serabut dah ni…tq

  4. yie says:

    salam bro. tolong update logo kuipsas.

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