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UTeM – Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (New)

Logo Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka - UTeM

Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka – UTeM introduced its new logo which represents as:

1 A creative and innovative technical university committed to maintaining harmonious relationship with the outside world.

2. The Q-shaped symbol indicates Quality, in line with UTeM’s vision and mission

3. There are three main components which merge to shape the unique logo:

  • i.  The platinum coloured corporate ring with the name of UTeM symbolizes the superior attributes of strength, sophistication and perfection.
  • ii.  creative geometry circle with the colour blue in the inside gradually indicates achievement in every effort taken. The white small circle at the centre of the logo symbolizes the source of knowledge from Almighty God radiating throughout the universe. The white small circle acting as a source of rays depicts UTeM’s mission in producing human resource, knowledge and technology, which benefits the world through the combination of knowledge, practice and smart partnership.
  • iii. The square with 9 stripes which looks like a stack of books symbolizes UTeM’s involvement in information technology and it’s effort to produce graduates with the latest knowledge in theory and application. The combination of two triangle into a square with nine stripes symbolizes UTeM’s effort to form strategic alliances to serve industrial and societal needs.

4. UTeM logo has a combination of blue, platinum and white colours.

  • i.  Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea symbolizing friendly and harmonious relationship with society and the environment. The colour is also a portrayal of good corporate culture, while psychologically it is associated with people and tranquility. Blue is also accepted as a royal colour portraying high status.
  • ii.  The colour platinum symbolizes new millennium technology of the highest quality , as well as the competitive , resilient and progressive attributes. The neutrality of the colour reflects the reality of industry – based teaching and learning.
  • iii. The colour white symbolizes sincerity , perfection and ultimate success.



UTeM Jawi version logo, you can get it here.


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