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Permata Negara

Logo Permata Negara

PERMATA Negara is an education programme inspired by the wife of Malaysian Prime Minister, Datin Paduka Seri Rosmah Mansor, specifically designed for the physical and intellectual development of children below 4 years old. The need to provide such a programme is imperative as the investment made in every child who is born today will bring enormous returns in the future. Studies have shown that the success of the child’s future depends on the opportunities he or she receives before they reach 4 years of age. This stage is generally known as “the formation years” in the child’s life and is very critical for their development, performance and success in life. In fact, the learning potential begins much earlier while still in the mother’s womb. At such an early stage, it is easier to shape a child’s character and intellect by means of a holistic approach in education.



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