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SUKMA XX Johor 2020

Logo SUKMA XX Johor 2020

This year, the SUKMA Games – Sukan Malaysia, will be host by State of Johor. The event was officially named SUKMA XX Johor 2020 as it will be the 20th SUKMA after the last event, the 19th SUKMA 2018 held in Perak. The biennial game event will be held on the 11 – 19 of July 2020. The official logo as shown above was launched in August last year, with the motto ‘Semarak Juara‘.

The SUKMA XX Johor 2020 logo focuses on the (Arabic / Jawi) letter ‘Jim’ which represents the State of Johor as the host of SUKMA 2020 and the proud identity of the Johor Nation that still promotes this Jawi writing language. The Roman numerical display ‘XX’ symbolises SUKMA’s 20 years excellence in the field of sports achieved in 2020.



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