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26th ASEAN Summit Malaysia 2015

Logo 26th ASEAN Summit Malaysia 2015

The 26th ASEAN Summit will be held in Malaysia after the last event, the 25th was in Myanmar 2014. The logo was described as:

  1. The 10 coloured curved elements that form a circle around the ASEAN logo reflect the harmony, close partnership and aspiration of the people from the 10 ASEAN countries aimed at achieving the shared vision,
  2. The 10 curved elements also represent the atomic molecular loop that denotes the progress made by ASEAN member countries in science and technology to bring about economic growth and prosperity,
  3. Combination of multiple colours represent the diversity of talents of ASEAN people in various fields propelling their countries forward,
  4. The colours of the logo reflect.. Red – Boldness, Yellow – Prosperity, Blue – Peace & Stability, Green – Dedication & Close Rapport, Purple – Wealth, Wisdom & Intelligence.



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