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Perk Air Fresheners

Logo Perk Air Freshener

After the successful of Little Trees, CAR-FRESHNER Corp. continues to meet consumer demand for freshness by offering a number of different air care products across several brands. Their iconic “Little Trees” air fresheners have appeared in countless movies and television shows. More popular than ever, they are available in almost 60 fresh fragrances and eye-catching designs. Black Ice being the best-selling fragrance, followed by classics like Royal Pine, Vanillaroma, and New Car Scent.

All “Little Trees” air fresheners are made in their two factories in the US: Watertown, New York, and DeWitt, Iowa. In Europe, Trees are branded “Arbre Magique” and “Wunder-Baum”, and are made in affiliated factories in Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

In 2013 they launched their new product, Perk, a brand designed to ‘wake up your space‘. The innovative technologies and contemporary designs offer fresh scents with style. PERK offers seven exceptional, long-lasting fragrances exclusive to the brand. For the home, their ‘Money House Blessing’ line of aerosols and incense sticks will enhance your surroundings with a variety of exotic fragrances.

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