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Little Trees Air Fresheners

Logo Little Tree Air Fresheners

Little Trees Air Fresheners are designed by CAR-FRESHNER Corporation, New York, USA. They are the producer of the world-famous Little Trees Air Fresheners, those distinctive Tree-shaped air fresheners for cars and others freshening purposes.

Known internationally, these aromatic wonders first came into this world in a Watertown garage 60 years ago. The founder is Julius Sämann, a native of Europe, who came to Canada at the out break of World War II. He was formally a chemist who then developed method of extract essential oil from evergreen trees. While in Canada, he had formulated a process for pressing scent into cardboard and getting it to last for months.

In 1952, he set up shop in a rented Watertown garage, in New York and produced the very first Little Trees air fresheners. It was in the shape and scented of the evergreen pine.

Today, the company is well advanced in product development with various new product creation from time to time. This includes Novelties air fresheners where the shape look natural, unique with eye-catching colors as well as various long lasting fragrances, Organic Scent Cups, Vent Clipps, Pump Sprays and many others.

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