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Lapierre 2015

Logo Lapierre Bike

Lapierre is a famous sports bicycle brand from France which was founded and started as a small shop in Dijon, France in 1946 by cycling enthusiast Gaston Lapierre. Gaston took his greatest passion and turned it into a career for himself, his family, and his dedicated employees. Later his legacy carried on by the next three generations of Lapierre men: his son Jacky, his grandson Gilles, and his great-grandson Stephan. Lapierre’s first bicycles were handcrafted and tested 67 years ago in Dijon where they are still developed today.

By 1972, the demand for Lapierre bikes outgrew the company’s small shop and they went on to build a large factory. Around the same time, Gaston passed on his management duties to his son, Jacky. From road bicycles, they start to innovate and Jacky introduced the brand to mountain biking in 1987, when they see few European companies manufacturing mountain bikes at the time. Lapierre saw the opportunity to become the leader in the European market for this new ‘style’ of riding. True to the Lapierre vision of putting their bikes to the test and up against the competition, the brand invested in sponsoring its first mountain bike team one year later.

Their models ranging from Road Bicycle series – Race, Endurance & Cyclocross and Mountain series – Gravity, Enduro Mountain, All Mountain, Mountain Trail, Cross Country Race & E-Bike. Today Lapierre is committed to innovation, R&D, quality, development of patented technologies and developing bicycles that are tested, raced and proven by world-class champion road cyclists and mountain bikers.

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