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MyGAP – Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices


MyGAP (Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices) is a rebranding of the Malaysian Farm Certification Scheme for Good Agricultural Practices (SALM), Livestock Farm Practices Scheme (SALT), and Malaysian Aquaculture Farm Certification Scheme (SPLAM). MyGAP was launched by the Minister of Agriculture (MOA) and Agro-based Industry on 28 August 2013. It is a comprehensive certification scheme for agricultural, aquaculture and livestock sector.

MyGAP is implemented based on Malaysian Standard (MS). MS 1784:2005 Crop Commodities – Good Agricultural Practice is used for agricultural sector module and MS 1998:2007 Good Aquaculture Practice (GaqP) – Aquaculture Farm – General Guidelines and MS 2467:2012 – Code of Practice for Seaweed Cultivation used for aquaculture sector module. Whereas MS 2027:2006 Good Animal Husbandry Practice is for livestock sector.

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) is an agricultural practice which emphasises on environment, economy and social aspects to ensure the produce is safe and of good quality. MyGAP is an Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) initiative under the Strategic Reform Initiatives – Competition, Standard and Liberalisation (SRI-CSL) which is an enabler to the National Key Economic Area – Agriculture (NKEA – Agriculture).


• Produces quality and safe to eat agricultural products.
• Reduces environment pollution and assist in developing an environmentally friendly and sustainable national agricultural industry.
• Since GAP is recognised worldwide, it facilitates the export of the products.
• One certification scheme facilitates the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices certification.
• Guarantees the safety and welfare of the staff.
• Encourages and facilitates the acceptance of consumers towards agricultural, livestock and aquaculture products with only one certification.
• Unlike SALM, SPLAM and SALT, GAP is more commercialised and will not confuse the consumers and entrepreneurs.
• Facilitates and reduces the promotional costs as consumers are already very familiar with GAP products.


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