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GMP Certified – Good Manufacturing Practice

GMP Certified

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or Amalan Perkilangan Baik, certification scheme can assist manufacturers of health & cosmetic products or food products and food related products to provide assurance to their customers that their products are manufactured in a hygienic manner and in accordance to best practices in manufacturing.

Generally, GMP consists of aspect such as design and facilities in the establishment, control of operations by equipment, temperature, time, pH or water activity control, maintenance and sanitation, personal hygiene, personnel training, transportation, conveyors, product information and consumer awareness. In short, it comprises the basic requirements of a manufacturing facility covering establishment, infrastructure, equipment design, construction, maintenance, process controls and personnel hygiene and awareness.

This GMP logo maybe suitable for health & cosmetic products only, you’re advised to consult with your product’s manufacturer either they’re GMP compliant or not.

Download Vector Logo of GMP Certified

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