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Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015

Logo Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015

Malaysia is renowned as a land of colourful festivals and celebrations. Its population is made up of a diversity of races, such as Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazandusun, Iban and a host of other ethnic communities. The potpourri of cultures results in an endless array of celebrations which take place all year round.

To showcase the exciting celebrations in Malaysia, the year 2015 has been declared as the Year of Festivals. This is a continuation of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and is intended to give visitors a magical holiday experience and invite them to join in the various festivals celebrated by Malaysia’s multiracial society.

The logo for the Year of Festivals 2015 is an evolution of the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 logo. It incorporates with 3 components:
1. Elements of Malaysia’s national branding
2. Elements of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 logo
3. Elements of Malaysia’s festivals and cultures

When put together, the new logo reflects a variety of colours, suggesting the myriad of travel experiences that await visitors to Malaysia.
• The well-recognised Malaysia Truly Asia tagline attracts visitors to experience Malaysia’s multi-faceted cultural composition
• Endless Celebrations denotes the gamut of festivals, revelries and celebrations that make Malaysia a vibrant and exciting destination
• The 14-point star which features two interlocked letters, M and Y, represent Malaysia on the international arena. The 14-point star
symbolizes the states and federal territories in Malaysia. It is derived from Malaysia’s national branding which encapsulates all that Malaysia
has to offer to traders, investors, tourists and its people
• The geometry which radiates an outward energy signifies Malaysia’s increasingly strong positioning
• The musical instrument depicted in this logo is Rebana Ubi, a giant drum that is used by the Malay community, particularly in Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast. Drums are also used by various other races in Malaysia, such as the Chinese and Indians. It symbolizes the festivals that are celebrated by Malaysia’s multicultural society.

Download Vector Logo of Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015

• Download the YOF2015 Logo Manual


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