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Yayasan Pembangunan Usahawan Terengganu (YPU)

Yayasan Pembangunan Usahawan Terengganu – YPU (Terengganu Entrepreneur Development Foundation) is a corporation with the objective to become a ‘One Stop Agency’ the entrepreneurship that will help generate the development of domestic entrepreneurship in particular and country in general. The objective of the implementation process targeting the followings:

  • Towards increasing the number of competent middle-class entrepreneurs to the global level.
  • Enhancing and developing the relationship of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial capabilities of existing knowledge.
  • Provide entrepreneurial development of infrastructure facilities in order to help increase the competitiveness and viability of local entrepreneurs.
  • Establish management, cultural and corporate space which is the pillar of excellence YPU entrepreneurs.

YPU was incorporated on March 31, 1994 under the Companies Act 1965 as a Limited Guarantee. It started operations on July 1, 1994 with a combination of oriented social obligations and benefits in order to bring benefit to entrepreneurs.

Website: www.ypu.com.my

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