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Pusat Zakat Melaka – PZM

Logo Pusat Zakat Melaka (PZM)

Pusat Zakat Melaka – PZM, was established in 1996, before that all tithe management are handled and run by Kaunter Zakat Berkomputer. Majlis Agama Islam Melaka – MAIM through Pusat Zakat Melaka – PZM was consigned to carry out tithe management professionally to collect and distribute zakat by effective and systematic and effective suitable with objective to make zakat as a catalyst Muslim world economy in State Malacca. Before PZM establishment, all related matters with zakat run by Lembaga Wakaf, Zakat and Baitumal (MAIM) which the job scope are more focused to manage and distribute based on Enakmen Pentadbiran Hukum Syarak (Negeri Melaka) 1959.

This enactment is designed to replace traditional methods in which the religious teachers are entrusted to collect and distribute zakat. In early 1993, more streamlined system of charity which Computerised Zakat Counter – KZB was introduced while the scope of work still retained. Following the development of information technology, KZB take further steps with the opening of five branches, namely in Alor Gajah, Jasin, Merlimau, Melaka Tengah and the Graha Maju building the facility pays to the payer – the payer of zakat improved as a result of the existence of a database payer – the payer of zakat.

The KZB name only lasted for three years and it was then rename to Pusat Zakat Melaka – PZM to show the seriousness of the MAIM improve the management systems for professional charity to improve the collection of zakat and distribute to the groups / recipients are eligible to receive charity from time to time a more systematic . PZM history carved again on 1st of April 2001, when corporatised and task scope in break, where PZM in trust to collection only while zakat distribution scope still diletakan dibawah Baitulmal MAIM supervision. With strength four branches namely Alor Gajah, Merlimau, Jasin and Masjid Tanah PZM started the move as a body that accountable for to ensure zakat collection system that has been managed is more efficient and orderly.



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