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FICC Energy Drink

FICC Energy Drink

FICC Energy Drink is an another brand of sports & energy drinks that was founded in 2010 in Italy. FICC energy drink was produced with 2 versions of 250ml can packaging – the classic version with white tin can, with a modern, linear, and a fresh and natural, and Billionaire version with golden tin, with precious and glamorous image. This new brand of energy drink featuring the superfood Schisandra, with its nice flavor and it can be taken at anytime, while studying, working, with your friends or simply to enjoy a moment of relax.

The ingredients, first and foremost Schisandra Chinesis, a vine from which they grow flowers and then the berries from the reddish color, which many potential fitoterapeutiche were known in Chinese medicine since 2697 BC. It was considered the right remedy against aging, as well as a general tonic for the body.. that’s what they claimed. As an energy booster drink, like RedBull, Monster Energy and others brands, FICC energy drink had joined and teamed up with some of motorsport racing’s sponsorship especially from the Italy based team such as Ducati racing teams, etc.



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