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Logo Military, Police, Uniform Body

Logo Kor Armour Diraja

Updated 1 May 2012 Vector logo from military forces, army, airborne, navy, special forces including police logo and all uniform bodies category. The list from Malaysian Armed Forces, Royal Malaysian Air Force & Royal Malaysian Navy. US Army, Swiss Army, NATO, etc. Logo, crest, emblem, badge design available and related to all uniformed bodies.








Logo Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia


If you have some more not listed here lets share the logos by join us (or read this tut) on how to post your own collections of vector logo. Kindly check the how to share & upload logo under FAQ at the left sidebar. For the rest of government logo, if you cannot find it here, please look at Logo Government Bodies & Dept.


  1. azmi says:

    salam boleh saya dapatkan logo ATM Kor Kesihatan

  2. eazey says:

    Admin, awat tak bole nak download logo markas logistik tentera darat?

    try register tapi tak boleh la..

  3. kertasterbang says:

    As Salam…boleh tak pakar2 sekalian share logo Pasukan Cekap Malaysia..tqvm!

  4. Assalam vectorises. Logo MAKTAB TEKNIK POLIS DIRAJA MALAYSIA takde ke?

  5. Saifz says:

    Ada tak logo Pasukan Gerakan Marin? Nama baru Pasukan Polis Marin


  6. malik says:

    salam..saya x boleh download logo mindef..sapa2 boleh bantu sya.malik


  7. sape ada kadet koreksional (penjara)

  8. SUHAIDA says:

    Assalam, minta tolong siapa ada vector logo Pasukan Gerakan Marin PDRM

  9. NIK says:


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