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Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia – TUDM

Logo TUDM - Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia

Tentera Udara DiRaja Malaysia – TUDM (Royal Malaysian Air Force – RMAF) official logo. Please update or replace the old version that we shared previously, with this one. The RMAF was formed since 1958 under the colonial of British Malaya and known as Royal Federation of Malaya Air Force (Tentera Udara Diraja Persekutuan Tanah Melayu). It was actually rooted of the Malayan Auxiliary Air Force formations formed in 1934 by the British Royal Air Force in British Malaya.

Today RMAF was known as one of the best Russian’s Sukhoi series jet fighter pilots in the world, besides United States’ jet fighters in their operation as well.



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