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Air Force – Next Generation (AF-NG)

Air Force Next Generation

In conjunction with the 52nd Anniversary of TUDM (Royal Malaysian Air Force – RAMF) on June 1, 10, The Sultan of Pahang, as Kolonel Yang Dipertua TUDM has launched a strategic logo Airforce Next Generation (AF-NG). The goal is to form AF-NG as the Royal Malaysian Air Force that capable with full spectrum to perform the duties and mission in all peace or war effectively. The initiative for the transformation of the AF-NG has been highlighted by Panglima Tentera Udara, (Chief of the Air Force) to accelerate the RMAF to a higher level as a world-class air force.

Website: www.airforce.gov.my/info/air-force-next-generation-af-ng

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Download Vector Logo of AirForce – Next Generation

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