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How to Share & Post Logo


Join Us & Share

If you have your own vector logos or any vector files that you wanna share with others, this is the right place for you to share the links.. You don’t have to email us just to share vector files (the old & slow way).. it takes some time to check emails and time consuming is the main factor especially for user who needs certain logo urgently. When you register, you’re authorised to make post & upload vector files as ‘author’ like our Top Authors list below..

Video Tutorial How To Join

Register As Vectorise Author

  • Register – sorry, new registration was disable for now, please make a request to register as Author via contact
  • Your request will be review and approve admin, wait for reply

After you successfully log in for the first time, you can make New Post and start sharing.

Make Post & Upload

We using a blog concept of website, to make it easy to updates by individual authors like you. So if you familiar with ‘blog post’ concept either wordpress or blogspot, you already knew how to make a post. There should be a standard format for your new post and this will be the contents for a single post. Please make sure you prepare these 3 things to make a new post.

  1. Image Preview for the logo (jpeg / transparent png)
  2. Some Text Info related to the logo, get it from their official website (for search engine to indexed you contents)
  3. Upload your Vector Logo, then copy & paste the URL Link (URL address where you upload the vector file)

For step no. 3 – Upload your Vector file, we recommend you to use our own Downloads & Uploads features in our Vectorise Forum. For new user, please register in the Vectorise Forum, and activate your membership first (check your email for the activation link). Login the forum, go to menu ‘Downloads‘ → ‘Add File‘, upload your vector file (Ai), put complete File Name, insert your name as Author, choose Category related, click button Choose File to upload the vector file (illustrator format). Finally, click the ‘Add File‘ button (at the bottom right of the page).

You can also use your own cloud storage like Dropbox, or Google Drive, etc. Copy the URL addrees link & paste in your the post as the Download Link.

Terms & Conditions

Sharing vector logos & files should be standardised to Adobe Illustrator format, please look at this criteria for more info. The admin & editor of vectorise logo have the rights to delete any spam authors, delete irrelevant posts, contents, comments wherever we think that not suitable to be published. Authors should also follow the WordPress TOS & Blogger Terms of Service.

Last but not least.. please do not spam or any marketing / promotion purpose or what so ever. Lets share for the community. Thanks ; )


  1. Kad Kahwin says:

    link the brand laureate award tue xblh open la…
    nape ya?

  2. vectorism says:

    w'salam.. links updated.. thanks

  3. wow says:

    Ada tak logo Bahagian Udara Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia?

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