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Listed here are our respected members who helped in contributing & sharing vector logos, graphics and developing our networks to the community. Please visit their website / blog / social media page.


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Editor, Authors, Contributors


Dear friends, if you guys have latest website / blog and need to be added, please inform me to update the links to your site. Or edit your contact info by adding your site url in your user page, (please log in). If the links provided above are incorrect, kindly inform me or post a message below. There are some more contributors not listed here (sorry coz I was lost your contact / link) who submitted files thru my email since 2007 who are not register as author (with this new domain & wordpress platform). Since my email was full with files submission and the free 3rd party files submission hosting become overload, I’ve temporarily freeze the submit function. So please join us as author to upload & post vector files here. Thanks for your support & keep up the good works.


Blogger / Designer Links

Bloggers, designers & friends who link to us (on your main page) detected via Google Analytics, will be added here.. thanks for linkin’ us and let your friends know about us.. we appreciate your supports.. Link to Us widget at side bar →


If you already have link to us but i couldn’t found it, please inform me by contact, or please update your old existing link to us from previous URL (vectorism.blogspot.com) to our NEW domain (https://vectorise.net/logo) as shown at the side bar..