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Vectorise Logo

Its’s started some time in 2000’s since I’ve some Logo Collections in my pc, and the numbers are keep increased as I do my works, need to backup somewhere outside before my local disk ‘expired’. Few years back the price of external hard disk quite expensive, so I make use of free online file backup. Then I realised, instead of just upload and personally saved as private in some familiar free online file hosting, is it good to share as public..? So everyone can share and add new collections to the list. In fact it’s hard to find some local sites that enjoy sharing local vectors.. do you..? Well I guess blog is a good platform to start with.. So here comes Vectorise Logo, to share.. and the idea is to invite others to share as well.. then we can expand the collections of Vector Logo.

Previously published as vectorism powered by google blogger since 2007.. now we upgraded to paid hosted as a new brand, Vectorise Logo with more new features added, encouraging more contributions by our loyal contributors (we call them Authors) and better interactions among users. Developed, maintained and contributed for designers, artists, webmasters, anyone who really needs vector logo for their jobs. Not to forget, our png / jpg images of the logo’s preview as you can see in every post have benefiting others, some web designers and bloggers too.

Recently we’ve developed our own forum, with helps by one of our online member and contributors, so we can communicate more, sharing more infos, tutorials, showcase artworks and to helps sharing vector logo easier for all in the forum.. where you can upload your collections and of course downloads as well. Also you can read more about our brief history of Vectorise Logo there.. so feel free to join our forum community.

For more info about Vector & ‘How To’, you can read FAQ page.. or if anything else.. ‘don’t let curiosity kills the dog’ just leave me a message at contact page.. (admin – vectorism) 😉



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hahaha it means anynomous dowh.. 😛

sorry for not reveals my profile, personally i just don’t feel comfortable for being exposed.. we are here to share, thats all.. sila contact me kalo ada pertanyaan orite.. ‘A man who gives in charity and hides it, such that his left hand does not know what his right hand gives in charity’ Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


We hope you enjoy our efforts.. we do appreciate your support by links to us, thanks to all who help us alive and our loyal contributors especially. Spread us out to your friends, lets us grow bigger for you and the rest of the community..

Support us.. kindly links back to Vectorise Logo

vectorise logo

“to give is to ‘get’.. | what’s life means without giving.. | sharing is caring..”



All images including all types of logos appear in this website are belong to their respective owners. Designers are free to use as it is. You’re NOT allowed to make profit with all the logos provided here. Please read the Copyright.



  1. Abdul Habib says:

    Apa jenis font yang digunakan pada logo celcom axiata??

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