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Konsortium E-Mutiara

KONSORTIUM E-MUTIARA BERHAD, or widely known as E-MUTIARA pioneered the uniqueness of Malaysia express bus industry. E-MUTIARA introduced jawi texts which is printed on the bus. It also uses unique registration numbers and the fleet is colorful.

E-MUTIARA invested millions in upgrading its buses to meet the statutory requirements and the market demands. Buses become more exclusive with better engine system, driving support system, passengers satisfying features on hospitality and safety for better journey exprience.

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The fleet is under detailed maintenance schedule while the drivers whom we addressed as Coach Captains, undergo continuous training, guided by our comprehensive training and coaching system.
The fleet of 80 buses performs more than 2,500 trips a month, commuting close to 1.2 million passengers in 2019
E-Mutiara will continue to innovate and provide new journey experience to all its customers.

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