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Local Agenda 21 – MPS

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In June 1992, a total of 178 Heads of State, including Malaysia, attended the World Summit of Nations in Rio De Janerio, Brazil to provide a world action plan for sustainable development. This work was known as Agenda 21, an agenda to achieve sustainable development in the centuries 21. Sustainable Development Plan Agenda 21 contains 40 chapters and is divided into 40 chapters. Chapter 28 is about the initiative of Local Authorities in supporting Agenda 21 reads: due to the many problems and torture recommended in Agenda 21 to be rooted from local activities, participation and co-operation of Local Authorities determining factor in fulfilling its objective. Local Authorities are required to take a positive approach in implementing Agenda 21 towards sustainable local development.

What Is Local Agenda 21

  • Briefly, Local Agenda 21 is a program for the community, private sector & Local Authority.
  • The three main elements work together to plan & manage the surrounding area towards sustainable development.

What Is Agenda 21

  • Agenda 21 is a global sustainable development action program. The ’21’ number marks the 21st century.
  • Agenda 21 contains 40 chapters, all of which relate to sustainable development
  • Chapter 28 in Agenda 21 entitled “The Local Authorities’ Effort In Supporting Agenda 21” stipulates that the PBT implements a consultative process with the community to formulate their respective ‘Local Agenda 21’.

Objective Local Agenda 21

  • Disclosing local communities and the private sector to sustainable development issues and Local Agenda 21.
  • Explain that sustainable development responsibility is a shared responsibility
  • Formulate Local Agenda 21’s strategy and action plan.
  • Implementing the Local Agenda 21 action plan in the form of sustainable development projects.
  • Adopt the approach and implementation of each local authority, or PBT (pihak berkuasa tempatan).

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