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Negeri Sembilan Metal Community – N9MC

Logo Negeri Sembilan Metal Community - N9MC
The journey of Negeri Sembilan Metal CommunityN9MC began in December 2016 in Negeri Sembilan by the trio founders consist of Monk Holy, Zin Azrai and Yan Fadlianshah. N9MC started to engage other senior metalheads within the state to fortify the highest union of the community. In the first quarter of 2017, N9MC managed to congregate approximately 50 acquaintances to hasten forward, to assist accomplishing objectives which have been set beforehand. The foremost objective of N9MC is to approach the metal musicians rooted in Negeri Sembilan, to unite them under the community, providing various supports including creating local gigs to help them rejuvenating their bands, divulging and endorsing them to the organizers locally and globally, while setting one long time vision, which is to have a music hub in Negeri Sembilan, governed by the community for gigs and jamming purpose.

N9MC started to develop the grid by organizing a successful tour event called Extreme Alliance on the 12 March 2017 in Hosha, Nilai for the band named Bersimbah Darah from Bali Indonesia, supported by local bands including Malapetaka, Nonserviam, Filoforce, Xs-Denied and a few from the community including Punahranah and Mental Distotic. In addition to that, N9MC has assisted, supported and appeared in numerous gigs including Final Warfare and Hellstage by Somber Metaltainment, Muar Metal Fest by Muar Metal Maniac, Menggila by Rockin Jamz Hall & Muzikbox Production, A Dangerous Meeting by ADMTP, Pochah Tokak by 3rd Commander Music Zone, Pesta Kumpulan Gitar Rancak Seremban 2018 Tour in KM Plaza, Seremban by Garage Merchs & Kedaii Kombatt, etc. to construct and strengthen good liaison with the organizers, bands and supporters throughout the country.. fb.com/n9mc2016

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