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Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Damansara Jaya

The school received its first intake of Form 1 students in 1983. The pioneer batch of students came mainly from SRK Damansara Utama and SRK Sultan Alam Shah 1 & 2, and there were also students from Sri Petaling and Kg Tengku primaries. The first headmaster of the school was Hj Abu Sujak, but the most notorious was Kevin De Souza (deceased). Pn Hjh. Naimah (deceased), who was assistant head during the school’s early days, went on to become headmistress of the nearby SK Damansara Jaya many years later. The pioneer batch of teachers included Hjh Zuraidah, B.H. Lim, Raoul Huet, Imam Musaniff, Pn. Salina, Cikgu Rosli, Cikgu Syahrim, Pn. Loke, Pn. Leela and Pn Ooi.

The first student to be appointed head prefect was Syed Nasurudin Syed Abu Bakar, followed by Megat Fairuz Khairudin. The straight A students among the pioneers were consistently Chuah Beng Sim and Irene Siow Ai Ling. The celebrities who attended the school in the 1980s included Hasnol Hassan Ariff, Sofia Jane Hisham, Melissa Saila, Shahrizan and Shanie. The notable sports personalities include saloon car driver Eric Yeo and motorcycle rider Chow Yan Kit (deceased). A few years following the pioneers’ graduation in 1987, the school celebrated the victory of one of its students in a yachting competition at the Olympics.

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