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Majlis Daerah Yong Peng

Logo Majlis Daerah Yong Peng

Yong Peng is a town in Batu Pahat District, Johor, Malaysia. It has an estimated population of 29,046 based on 2016 statistic. Yong Peng name means Everlasting Peace in the Teochew dialect. Majlis Daerah Yong Peng, or Yong Peng District Council is carried out by integrating a few Local Authority, which are:

  1. Yong Peng Local Council

  2. Ayer Hitam Local Council

  3. Parit Sulong Local Council

  4. Seri Medan Local Council

  5. Kangkar Bahru Local Council

  6. Parit Yaani Local Council

  7. Lam Lee Local Council



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