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Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan Malaysia – MOTAC

Logo Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia - MOTAC

Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan Malaysia – MOTAC

The history of the Department of Tourism (Malaysia) was first set up under the Ministry of Trade in 1959. The inclusion of the principal objectives of tourism into the country’s 2nd Malaysia Plan 1971-1975 further emphasised the role of tourism in the economy. In the 1980’s government support for tourism continued with the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1987. In 1992, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism was renamed Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism or MoCAT. Later in April 2004, MoCAT was split to facilitate the establishment of a separate ministry i.e the Ministry of Tourism (MoTour) which was responsible solely for matters related to tourism. This development reflected the government’s seriousness in promoting tourism as one of the key major income earners for the country.

In 2013, MoTour was transformed to Ministry of Tourism and Culture – MOTAC after the 13th General Election. This is to serve the close connection between tourism and culture in efforts to promote Malaysia as a top of the-mind destination, in line with its ever popular tagline ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’.

Logo Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia - MOTAC

Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia – MOTAC

The new logo for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture incorporates the colours of the Malaysian flag; blue, red, white & yellow. The depiction of a mountain (Gunung Kinabalu) at the background, along with the images of the sea, palm tree and hornbill reflect the touristic elements in Malaysia. The Sultan Abdul Samad Building at the centre of the logo represents the culture and heritage while the Petronas Twin Towers represent Malaysia’s progress and development.. hmm, what say u 🙂



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