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Visit Pahang 2017


Next year, 2017 will be the visit Pahang promotion organised by Pahang Tourism of Malaysia. Visit Pahang 2017 promoting some popular holiday destinations, the famous islands, National Park adventurous places, elephant riding and many more activities awaiting visitors. The Visit Pahang 2017 with the word ‘Hogoh‘ is a colloquial term often used by the people of Pahang. Believed to have been first used by Pahang fans during football matches to spur on their team, Hogoh doesn’t have a direct translation, however it can mean to ‘push harder’ or just ‘go for it’. Nowadays, it is also being used as a term meant to motivate and encourage.

Taking this into account, Pahang Tourism has adopted ‘Hogoh Pahang’ as its’ new tagline to promote Visit Pahang 2017 and has incorporated an elephant into its logo design. This reflects the recognition of the Asian Elephant, an indigenous species to Pahang, which is critically endangered with less than 1,200 roaming wild in Peninsula Malaysia. At the same time promoting awareness of this endangered species and support for the National Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah, Pahang. The tagline also aims to support and promote Pahang culture whilst instilling a sense of pride amongst the people of the state of Pahang and use ‘Hogoh Pahang’ as a rallying cry to bring the people together and welcome visitors during Visit Pahang 2017.



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