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Selangor Generasi Muda GEN-S

Selangor Generasi Muda GEN-S

– SBNS programs will be promoted using the brand of Gen-S (short form for “Generation of Selangor”).
– Gen-S programs are divided into 6 big components – arts, sports, entrepreneurship, education, community and leadership.
– Among some of the programs planned include : Arts – arts festival, performing arts gig. Sports – mass sports league (badminton, futsal, paintball), recreational (treasure hunt, expeditions), exhibition matches. Entrepreneurship – business network luncheon, youth cooperative, business seminar. Education – book club, People’s Tution mentor-mentee program. Community – recycling, awareness campaign, cleaning of orphanage, retirement homes and places of worship. Leadership – team building, youth exchange program, debate competition.


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