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J’S Racing

Logo JS Racing

J’S Racing was established in Osaka Japan since November 1989, with their specialty in tuning and developing the performance parts for Honda vehicles, besides actively host track events for their customers and participate in several race series. Their main business includes R&D, production and sale of performance automobile parts, racing car preparation, fabrication, and maintenance. All of their products and tuning menus are the fruit of the countless test and research on the actual race tracks and test courses  Their philosophy that only the products which meet or exceed the very high standard set by them are to be released to the market. They believe it is the philosophy which results in  the world wide popularity of their products from the North America, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

J’S Racing’s mission is to provide the products and services which make their customers happy and satisfied in any times and generations. J’S Racing USA was then established on 2011 as a 100% owned subsidiary by the J’S Corporation in order to promote the sales and provide the customer service to the customers in the North America.



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