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Felda Wellness Corporation – FWC

Logo Felda Wellness Corp - FWC

Felda Wellness Corporation Sdn Bhd – FWC is an another subsidiary of FELDA is a botanical drug development company based in Malaysia. FWC are a health & wellness innovator, incubator of next-generation technologies, products and strategies in bio-pharmaceuticals.

FWC focuses on developing and commercialising nutraceutical products using proprietary and novel formulations of natural sources for a wide variety of properties: anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, anti-microbial, and which may help in combating and even reversing some cancers, degenerative and auto-immune diseases, and many more.

Complementing this effort is the development and marketing of an innovative, holistic approach to wellness which they call personalised and precision medicine professionally tailored to individual body needs, incorporating exercise, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.



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