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SMJK Chung Hwa, Kelantan

SMJK Chung Hwa, Kelantan


The new SMJK Chung Hwa, Kelantan vector

SMJK Chung Hwa, Kelantan located at, Jalan Atas Banggol 15300, Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia. The school is one of the biggest and oldest schools in Kelantan, the existence of Chung Hwa National Type Secondary School could well be traced back as far as 1918 when a group of Chinese pioneers and some others together founded the Yeok Teck Chinese School at Jalan Tok Hakim. The school began classes on 17 February 1918 with more than 80 students, 2 teachers and Mr. Tan Siong Guan as the head of the school. It started off as a coed school but later changed to a girl school and renamed Wu-Pen Chinese Girls School, with Madam Yee Pau Ping as Headmistress.

About the same time as when Yeok Teck began operation, another Chinese school, the Yeok Cheng was set up for the convenience of the residents in a Chinese settlement at Kampung Cina a short distance from Kota Bharu down by the Kelantan River bank. Yeok Cheng began classes on 24th August 1918 with some 30 students and one teacher. Education at both Yeok Cheng and Yeok Teck was free and the cost running the schools was borne by the supportive Chinese community.

The school was revived and renamed Chung Hwa School in 1933 when Lee Cheng Ghiam, Tay Luen Kang and Fung Cheng Siu applied to the government to re-register the school. Classes resumed on July 20 the same year with Mr. Soon Yee Thong as the Headmaster and assisted by 5 teachers. Lee Cheng Ghiam was elected to the Board and Khor Choon Boi as the Treasurer. Unfortunately in 1935 due to some crisis and disagreement among the Board members, mass resignation followed and the school was closed for the second time. 0n November 15 the same year, Mah Kee Kiat was given a new mandate to revive the school. Mr. Yee Sou How was employed as the Headmaster with 5 assistant teachers. Classes began on 22 January, 1936 with about 160 pupils. By the end of that year enrollment rose to 204 and on the advice of the Chief Education Officer as well as the Health Department and the Town Board, a decision was made to build a new block of two-storey building accommodating 4 classrooms upstairs and a classroom cum assembly hall.




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