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Riders Haven

Logo The Raiders Haven

The Riders Haven is a wholly-owned by Bestekad Maju Sdn Bhd, a bumiputera company incorporated in Malaysia, with principle business activities in the provision of cycling and endurance sport lifestyle tools and environment. As such, the company core business activities are in the; sales, services, part & accessories, installations, imports of cycling and endurance sport tools and equipments to its enthusiast from ordinary citizens to professionals. Cycling and endurance sports have been the company founding partners’ passion in life and it is the company’s goal to someday become a dominant global brand in the sport of cycling, and there come the Riders Haven.

Bestekad Maju’s current attention is focusing on developing a strong product foundation and building the company’s brand name through ‘hands on’ strategic marketing. Bestekad Maju is an organisation of enthusiast-based entrepreneur with resources of network that aims to be among major players in cycling and endurance sport sector with significant market share.

The objectives of BM are:

• To market, develop and capture the majority of the motorcycle business in Malaysia.
• To establish a credible network of SME Bumiputera imported motorcycle dealers. This has never been achieved despite the AP policy coming into force for more than 20 years ago.
• To develop Franchise Program for  Bumiputra Entrepreneurs, and to support government’s effort in encouraging Bumiputra’s direct and active involvement in franchising and automotive industry.
• Setting up a 3S center for imported motorcycle in major cities in Malaysia for direct and dealer sale.
• The appointment of Bumiputera dealer network with full support on sales and after sales services and training.
• The company will be similar in concept with any other large OEMs like NAZA, Chear Motor & Welly Motor. There will be dealers, spare parts and service centers to support the vehicles for sale.

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