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“In high school all I really cared about was art class and riding my bike as soon as the bell rung. At the time I thought the popular brands in action sports were dull and boring so I had this crazy idea that I could create something better. Around the same time my RM125 was stolen – it was the worst day of my life. I had saved for two years to buy it – but life has a funny way of working out sometimes. I had no bike to ride in my spare time, so I started sketching T-shirt ideas. After Grade 12 and bailing out of a university business degree I landed a spot in a design college in Brisbane. I was that kid always rolling in late and day dreaming in class. I had a shitty beige macintosh computer that kept dying. In one of my assignments I created the star logo… my goal was to combine the shape of a star with the electrode of a spark plug. The teacher only gave me a B- for it”. Unit or Unit Riders founded by Paul Everest, specialised for motocross and BMX accessories & gears.

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