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AMCAF – Association of Malay Chartered Accountants Firms Malaysia


Association of Malay Chartered Accountants Firms Malaysia, AMCAF, (Persatuan Firma-Firma Akauntan Bertauliah Melayu Malaysia), was established on December 2000 following the discussion among the practitioners and the President of the Malaysia Institute of Accountants. AMCAF members are wholly independent association of accountants within SMPs categories and comply with CPD Training and indemnity insurance. The small firms in need of association in the promotion and protection of the practices. AMCAF had slowly gained recognition from government with the various support extended within the last ten years. The membership criteria to join AMCAF:

  • Chartered Accountants firms wholly owned by Malays holding audit license issued by Treasury are eligible for ordinary membership.
  • Individual Malays hold audit license are entitled to apply for associate membership.
  • Associate members enjoy same benefit as ordinary members except cannot vote at general meeting.
  • Subscribed members are open to any firms that want to use our products.


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