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Politeknik Malaysia

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This is the new logo for all Politeknik Malaysia (Polytechnic Malaysia), replacing the old logo individual design logos by their own Polytechnic branches. Now all the polytechnics in Malaysia using this same logo of Politeknik Malaysia and the branch name will be shown in black text under the logo.

Polytechnic education began in Malaysia with establishment of the Politeknik Ungku Omar, in Ipoh (1969) under the United Nations Development Plan. The need to provide wider access to technical education and training for the country was given prominence by the Cabinet Committee on Education in 1979 and in the First National Industrial Plan (1985-1995). In addition to decisions made by these committees, the Cabinet Committee on Training (1991) paved the way for the significant development in Polytechnic education. As a result, there was an increase in the number of Polytechnic education. As a result,there was an incerese in the number of Polytechnic builts and these instituitions were able to offer more programmes of study to cater to the demands of more semi-professional in the engineering, commerce and service sectors.

To futher reinforce the role of Polytechnics in education and training, on 20th November 2009 the Cabinet deliberated and approved the Higher Education Memorandum No. 871/2670/2009 with respect to Polytechnic Transformation comprising the following four thrusts:

  • Enhancing Polytechnics towards becoming the student’s choice and preferred institution that is at par with universities;
  • Development of programmes and research in niche areas, representing the different strengths of each Polytechnic;
  • Equipping Polytechnic teaching personnel and support staff with high skills and competency; and
  • Development of an excellent work culture and image.

Download Vector Logo of Politeknik Malaysia

designed by: Diana binti Jais

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