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Petronas New Logo

PETRONAS introduced their new refreshed corporate logo last June replacing the old one. This new logo remains the ‘Oil Drop’ & ‘P’ shape with Emerald green color that represents the seas and land where oil and gas originates. Soft curves and some styles has been added to depicts a continuous flow that symbolises company’s drive for progress and challenging spirit in meeting the energy demands, according to the company.

The PETRONAS name also has been refreshed with new clean typeface in dark gray color (the color of crude oil perhaps). It was repositioned below instead of at the left side as previous logo, and with the new tagline ‘Reimagining Energy’.

Download Logo PETRONAS



  1. amman says:

    salam, boleh saya tahu colour code logo petronas? tolong email kepada amman_pelangi@outlook.com .. terima kasih

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