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University Malaysia of computer science & engineering

logo - UNIMY

University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering (UniMy) was established by Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education as a boutique university devoted to providing a personalised ICT education in a diverse and vibrant community.

The university is designed to develop talented market-ready computing professionals to meet the challenge of advancing Malaysia’s economic success in the next decade.

“Despite a large number of IT graduates, the expected supply of graduates specifically in the highly sought-after fields of computer and software engineering until 2020 is only about 10,000, a far cry from the expected demand of 22,000. I am pleased to inform you that UniMy will contribute towards bridging the gap by generating more than 50% of the required number of graduates that can fulfil the industry requirements, both in terms of knowledge relevancy and commercial adaptability to the ever changing demands of the ICT.

DOWNLOAD FILE : http://www.mediafire.com/download/wcud68ujbc74hl4/logo_-_UNIMY.ai

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