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Bamboo Pen & Touch

Bamboo Pen n Touch


The Bamboo line is aimed at home users. Current models feature 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and a resolution of 2540 lines per inch (1000 lines/cm). Most of the models have a 5.8 × 3.6 in (14.7 × 9.2 cm) active surface area, while the larger CTH-670 model (“Create”/”Fun Medium”) has a usable surface area of 8.5 in × 5.4 in (22 cm × 14 cm). The Bamboo One (CTF-430; no longer produced; sold only in Europe) had a 5 × 3.6 in (128 × 93 mm) active surface area. It used the same eraser-less pen as the other models but, unlike other models, featured no control buttons.

Bamboo tablets feature a battery-free pen (powered by the same EMR technology as the Intuos line), which can be used alongside finger swipes (in some models), with ± 0.02 in (± 0.5 mm) accuracy. The “Pen&Touch” model includes an option to switch orientation for left- or right-handed users.

In the Americas, there are four models currently available: Bamboo Create, Bamboo Capture, Bamboo Splash and Bamboo Connect. In addition to stylus-based input, “Create” and “Capture” models feature multi-touch functionality, with support for one- and two-finger gestures for such operations as scrolling and zooming. The “Create” model includes an eraser-equipped stylus, and additional bundled graphics software (Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, Corel Painter Essentials 4 and Nik Color Efex Pro 3).

In Europe, there are five tablet models currently available: Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Pen & Touch, Bamboo Manga, Bamboo Fun S Pen & Touch and Bamboo Fun M Pen & Touch.



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